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prepper survival manYou can feel it in the air. 

You know it in your heart. 

Something is very wrong on planet earth.

The reporting from all mainstream media and alternative media is pointing toward something very bad on the horizon.

Something is about to change society in a radical way and its not good.  Life as we have come to know is going to get thrown back to medieval times.

Is it an economic collapse? Government collapse? Pandemic? Environmental holocaust? Elector Magnetic Pulse (EMP)?  Global war? The singularity? Something else?

You feel like you should be preparing for “it”.  But you’re not sure what it is or when it will occur.  It could be next week or it could be fifty years from now.

The idea of a catastrophic collapse and the feelings you have are so far out of the norm that you don’t really talk about it with anyone.

It’s crazy right?

People at work, friends and family, are going think you’re crazy if you become one of those “preppers” or a “survivalist”. You know, the type that  playing war games on the weekend or “those people” you see on Doomsday Preppers hoarding food.

You have worked hard to build a career and the respect of your peers and don’t want to jeopardize it with notions of the end of the world.

Perhaps you’re a public figure or accountable to others such as employees, investors or clients.  Perhaps a reporter, actor, CEO, athlete, lawyer, accountant, doctor or other person in the public trust.

Closet Preppers  – Modern Day Survival

You’re a closet prepper.

You want to know how to prepare without people knowing.  You need to do it under the radar perhaps even from your spouse.

This site is dedicated to you.  We know you have a lot to lose in being an open prepper or survivalist.

We at a Closet Preppers are in the same boat.

We don’t use our real names and likewise don’t want to know who you are.  We don’t care about your IP address, email address or any other identifiable information.  Be as anonymous as you like.

Our spouses are at various stages of buying into this feeling.  With some being prepper sympathetic to others thinking we’re crazy and still others who have no idea what their spouse is up to.  We don’t post our real thoughts publicly in Facebook or Twitter for fear it will blow back to professional and private lives.

This site is where you to come to find sober discussion on the survival and prepper movement.

We will do our best to identify the real concerns versus the hyped ones.

We struggle with our own normalcy bias not wanting to be fooled or fool ourselves.  Likewise we dedicate a lot information and discussion on how to manage this.

We will identify and review other resources you can go to find information about threats and how to be best prepared.

The editors of this site are highly educated, business professionals who can’t come out as preppers who want to support others in the same situation.

Take comfort in knowing that you’re not the only one and if you feel so incline email us your thoughts.  Let’s us know if it’s OK to publish your comments on our site.

Thanks for stopping by Closet Preppers.

We hope this is helpful.







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