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Alex Jones Controlled Impotent Fake Opposition?

I have been listening to the Alex Jones Show for about 3 years now and while much of the information he covers on his show and is good I have been bothered by something I couldn’t put my finger on till today (September 27, 2012).

Alex was looking for callers who disagree with him today and among the callers was a man who pointed out that first he liked the show, agreed with Alex but had a problem with the  presentation of the information.  The caller said that Alex works him up into anger and fear but he’s not sure what he’s suppose to do with that.  The caller suggested that when Alex rants about the injustice of a judge sending a person to jail for drawing on the sidewalk that instead of stirring up the listeners emotions that perhaps he should give out, on air, the phone number to the city officials and court system for the county to flood them with protest calls.  The caller stated, quite well, that if the mayor’s office got 10,000 calls in an hour about the judge that, that would have a dramatic effect on how judgements are passed in the future.

Alex side stepped the question and his own tag-line of being the “front line of the resistance” and fell back to defining himself as a “reporter” and not a “general”.  His job, as Alex states it, is to tell the listeners and trust them to do something with the information he reports on.  He then goes on to say that he’s going to go draw on the sidewalk after the show and get arrested and make a stand (whatever).

A light went off in my head at that moment.

Is Alex Jones Controlled Impotent Fake Opposition?

Give the audience size he has and operation it would be a very easy thing for him to target, legally and morally corrupt judges, congressmen and companies with simple “calls to action”.

A call to action is what the call in listener was asking for.  He just wanted a clear decisive call to action. Something that he could do that would be part of something bigger and increase the likelihood of success.

The only call to action you hear from the Alex Jones Show centers around the promotion of his own brand.  Every action is a sales and marketing message such as “wear an InfoWars T-Shirt and meet like minded people”, “buy my (heavily branded) DVD’s and circulate them to your friend”, “subscribe to my site and share it with friends”, “place our bumper sticker on your car”.  It goes on and on with one impotent call to action after another that ultimately translate to a new consumer.

Alex talks often about how the establishment is fomenting war and they are.  However he has learned from them very well.  Jone’s appeal to emotion and appeal to authority foment customers to his online stores including a line of health and nutrient items.  Never does he use the microphone to organize the listeners toward an action that would actually create change.

My thought is that Alex Jones has either a spoke or unspoken agreement with the establishment.

Alex gives the establishment a controlled environment where Jones listeners can let out their frustrations, let off steam and depressurize from ever taking any real action.  InfoWars and the Alex Jones Show are the ideal tools for the establishment so long as the people are not organized nor called specifically to any action.

With that, it’s his show and he can do whatever he wants with it.

I caution the listener however to use critical thinking when listening to him.  The Alex Jones message is filled with fallacy arguments such as the appeal to emotion and the appeal to authority as already mentioned however you will often hear the cacophemism, the use of accent throughout the broadcast as well among many other fallacious communication tactics.

For example Alex plays with definitions on the fly that fit his needs.

For example, Alex Jones isn’t a reporter, he’s a commentator.  A real reporter separates his/her emotions and conjecture and report unbiased information.  Alex is quick to point this flaw out in the mainstream media however fails the test himself daily.

Alex on one hand talks about how dumb down and zombified the population to the point of describing people walking into traffic living in a semi hypnotic state however objects to the government doing things to control what people eat and how the live.  I agree, I hate government control too however if people are zombies someone better tell them what to do.   He wants things both ways sometime.  Perhaps more accurately he wants to be directing the zombies.

I should state that  at least in Alex’s opinion, everyone with the exception of his listeners are zombies.  This helps create and support the “us vs them” fallacy.

The troubling thing is that he does this while mingling in really important information.  I think this is by design because he discredits the information so that the truly educated people in positions to take action won’t.

On related note, Paul Craig Roberts was on the show the other day making the point that the United States can’t occupy Baghdad how could they ever occupy the United States in the case of martial law.  As the conversation progressed the reason why the US can occupy Baghdad is because they are organized and the American people aren’t organized.  This lack of organization according to Alex, will lead to a dystopian police state for the American people.

So while he boasts the largest audience and  being the “tip of the spear” in the war against tyranny there is no organization, no call to action.  What there is marketing, advertizing, fear, fallacy arguments and a fueling of learned helplessness of his listener.

In summary.  Do I really want to Alex Jones to incite people to some grand action? I don’t think I do.  I am not sure about his motives and who he’s working for.  Not to worry, he never will because he’s doing exactly what  the “enemy” (as he defines them) wants him to do.  This is what keeps him on the air.  What I am pointing out is that the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars are businesses first designed with all the corporate marketing tricks you see every day, everywhere else.  They use and often over exaggerate real factual news to create a sense of urgency (if not panic) in the listener.  This leaves the listener with few outlets to vent their fear other than the purchase of InfoWars products or sponsors.  Jones doesn’t apologize for being a capitalist.  I am not saying he should.  We all have bills to pay.  What  am saying is that Jones is all about making money and not about activism and not about creating any real change in the country or society.

So listen to is show but do so very critically like you should all media.  When he starts to cry on mic and rant turn him off.  Question every absolute statement he makes (and most of them are).  The world to Jones come in black and white and no room for grey.  If you suggest a grey area then you must be working for the CIA, FBI or some other psy-op organization designed to confuse and confound the masses.

Sheesh! This guy is exhausting! Just be careful.

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