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Alex Jones Exposed AGAIN as Being Controlled

October 5th, 2012, in the beginning of hour 2, Alex Jones exposes himself again. As we pointed out just a week ago whenever Alex Jones is faced with a call to action he will side step it.

In hour 2 of today’s broadcast once again a new caller into the show asks Alex to do a feature on things people can do to organize and take action.

By action the caller is referring to peaceful organized protest and even just talking to friends and family.

Again Jones proves himself to be nothing more than a profiteering shock jock.

Jones defaults to the usual refrain of “I’m waking up the minds of people”.

No Alex, you are opening wallets and extracting cash like a southern preacher in a tent revival.

The very last thing Alex Jones (and his handlers?) want is for people to really organize and so something.

I agree, if people calling in were asking for illegal or violent organization then he should deter that ask strongly as possible.

The recent callers however have been peaceful thoughtful men concerned about their country. Exactly the type Jones claims as his listeners.

Beware of Alex Jones. He’s shaped like a honey pot for a reason.

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